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Client Prioritization

As our client, you aren’t just another case to our firm. We pride ourselves on providing detailed and individualized attention to your concerns. We don’t prioritize based on case size.

Our Legal Team

Our highly skilled team will provide you the most valuable legal guidance. If you already have a case, we will provide you the insight to let you know if your case is on the right track. Call us at +1 (818) 821-8777

Attorney One on One Access

Get direct, one-on-one, access with an Attorney to answer your questions, evaluate your case/claim. You won’t have to hunt down the attorney on your case and settle for a secretary or receptionist to answer your important questions. When our clients need answers, they get them; and in a timely manner! Some firms have non-licensed representatives working on cases/claims and answering your questions! If you hire an Attorney, you should be given the right to have your questions answered by an Attorney and/or the availability of an Attorney to speak with you directly!

Case Value

The value you receive for your injury matters! Our aggressive and tactful representation ensure your case settles at maximum value!



We are highly skilled, and have extensive experience to handle Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, and Employment related cases!

Free Initial Consultation

If you already have a case, we will provide you insight to the let you know if you’re on the right track.


We have office locations in both Los Angeles and North Hollywood. 

About Our Practices

Ultimate Law Firm provides well versed and deeply qualified and skilled representation and counsel in legal practice sectors of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Employment related injuries and/or issues. 

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We go above and beyond in obtaining all compensation for our clients. Even after your case settles, we still pursue benefits on your behalf.